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The Only Wet AMD & DME Focused Industry-Led Meeting

Wet AMD & DME Drug Development Summit is a forum, dedicated to creating a community space to allow for the sharing of case studies and industry intel to meet the challenge of effective, safe and long-lasting therapeutics which address clinical treatment burden and provides future options for non-responding patient populations.

While the management of wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), diabetic macular edema (DME) and other ocular neovascular diseases has witnessed remarkable advances with the development of anti-VEGF molecules, there remains an incentive for biopharma firms to  to improve convenience, efficacy and/or reduce the frequency of invasive procedures. As showcased in our industry-led agenda this is being achieved via several research approaches including identifying unique treatment mechanistic pathways, novel pharmacological approaches enabling longer duration of action and resulting in less frequent IVT dosing, and employing potentially less invasive or even non-invasive drug delivery methods.

It is evident that patients do not receive optimum treatment journey because of the current need for frequent clinic visits, invasive injections, and of course many are simply not responded to the available angiogenesis-directed therapy. Finding ways to maintain and improve treatment efficacy while improving their clinical utility is an ongoing challenge and investment within the industry.

An Interactive Online Experience

We have created the virtual summit to satisfy the industry’s need to share cutting-edge research, learn from your peers and engage in quality networking within a niche and highly selective audience to forge valuable collaborations.


Engage with speakers
from Genentech,
Aerpio Therapetuics,
Oxurion, Occuterra and
more. With experience
across a wide array
of therapeutics types
including gene therapy,
cell therapies, tyrosine
kinase inhibitors and
more this is your chance
to have pose your
questions to the expert
community gathering.

Get insight into
future development
directions at Boehringer
Ingelheim, RegenexBio,
Aerie Pharmaceuticals,
Novartis, Kodiak
Sciences and more.

Digitally meet and
network 1-to-1 with
speakers, fellow delegates
& colleagues through our
platform. As vaccination
distribution begins roll out,
there is unfortunately still
a long way to go before
we can physically gather.
Our platform bridges this
gap to make sure you
stay connected and new
colleagues from your home

Attend a dedicated
workshop day to get
to grips with clinical
challenges of “Clinical
Biomarkers for Testing
Drugs in Patients”
and “Developing
Preclinical Models to
More Accurately Predict
Human Disease &
Predict Disease & Predict
Efficacy of a Drug”.

Why Are We Combining AMD & DME In One Meeting?

DME and wet AMD are both angiogenesis-driven disease and frequently diagnosed in the clinic as retinal degenerative diseases and are responsible for a long proportion of blindness. These conditions predominantly affect the central macula and are associated with the presence of retinal edema and an aggressive inflammatory repair process that accelerates disease progression. Development of new treatments for nAMD and DME often overlaps, as multiple drug developers pursue parallel courses for both indications. For example, Eylea is approved to treat wet AMD, DME, DR and retinal vein occlusion. For this reason and to present the richest line-up of industry and academic speakers with exciting case studies, this inaugural forum is designed to incorporate discussion on both indications.