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Welcome to Wet AMD & DME Drug Development Summit 2022: The Only Industry-Focused Meeting for Wet AMD & DME Therapeutic Development

Wet AMD & DME Drug Development Summit is a forum, dedicated to creating a community space to allow for the sharing of case studies and industry intel to meet the challenge of effective, safe and long-lasting therapeutics which address clinical treatment burden and provides future options for non-responding patient populations.

While the management of wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), diabetic macular edema (DME) and other ocular neovascular diseases has witnessed remarkable advances with the development of anti-VEGF molecules, there remains an incentive for biopharma firms to improve convenience, efficacy and/or reduce the frequency of invasive procedures. As showcased in our industry-led agenda, this is being achieved via several research approaches including identifying unique treatment mechanistic pathways, novel pharmacological approaches enabling longer duration of action and resulting in less frequent IVT dosing and employing potentially less invasive or even non-invasive drug delivery methods.

It is evident that patients do not receive optimum treatment journey because of the current need for frequent clinic visits, invasive injections, and of course many are simply not responded to the available angiogenesis-directed therapy. Finding ways to maintain and improve treatment efficacy while improving their clinical utility is an ongoing challenge and investment within the industry.

80+ Industry Attendees

2 Pre-Conference Workshops

2 Hours of Networking

20+ Presentations from Wet AMD & DME Leading Experts

Join us to increase the growth of your pipeline with comprehensive debates across several subjects within wet-AMD/DME therapeutic development, including but not limited to:

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Aligning portfolio strategy to address unmet clinical needs & planning for success in clinical programs targeting wet AMD & DME

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Mitigating against patient treatment burden with novel drug delivery mechanisms and routes of administration

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Unravelling future directions for anti-VEGF therapies

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Future therapies targeting novel mechanisms driving wet AMD & DME

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Novel insights into the future directions in wet AMD & DME diagnostics and management

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Overcoming challenges with pre-clinical and translational models