Silicone-free Syringe Plunger for Ophthalmic/Retinal Injections

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Day One


  • Ophthalmic injections using siliconized syringes have reported historic challenges with subvisible particles, inflammation, floaters and interocular pressure increases with repeat injections
  • The current commercial technology uses a baked-on silicone to reduce the quantity as well as the migration of the silicone in contact with the drug product
  • GORE has developed and commercialized a silicone-free technology through the introduction of a PTFE-based barrier encapsulating a butyl rubber core to eliminate silicone and provide excellent container closure, functional break/ extrusion forces, and extremely clean extractables performance
  • This presentation will provide the audience with both the industry challenges as well as provide functional performance of the GORE IMPROJECT silicone-free plunger that enables bare glass syringes